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ChronoCMS - Simple and powerful CMS - Introduction


The framework and the CMS have been developed to reduce development time in any PHP project, with performance, extend-ability and and even coding amusement in mind, there are some rules to follow in order to protect these goals and get things working as expected when you develop using either the framework alone or when extending the CMS:
  1. The framework follows the MVC pattern, please don't try to break this, you will find it much easier to follow the MVC pattern when building your apps.
  2. The framework has an auto loader which is using namespaces to find system internal classes, and it does the same for extensions, please don't use "require" or "include" to load your classes but instead use the proper namespaces for your classes and they should be automatically loaded.
  3. Don't use any mysql functions, instead use the built in Models or Databases classes to do what you need.
  4. When developing for the CMS, please use the built in classes for admin interface, this should reduce your development time.
  5. Check the core files for code examples, ask on the forums for help and we will try to answer your questions.
  6. Our code is far from perfect, please share any changes or concerns with us.