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ChronoCMS - Simple and powerful CMS

What's ChronoCMS ?

ChronoCMS is a new simple CMS built in PHP using the GCore framework, both the framework and the CMS were developed to help make developing code and building websites easier, faster and more entertaining.

Any requirements ?

Yes, in order to be able to run the GCore framework and hence the CMS, you must have PHP 5.3 or later, along with the PDO & PDO MySQL extensions enabled.

What are the ChronoCMS main features ?

The new CMS has many features, some of them are listed below:

  • Uses the GCore framework, development time is greatly reduced, you will end up writing few lines of code to accomplish tasks which would require tens of code lines using regular techniques.
  • Both the framework and the CMS are simple, not bloated with many unnecessary stuff which you will never use.
  • Very efficient performance, moreover, it has some smart data caching techniques.
  • Extendable, you can build extensions very easily, install/uninstall them using the built in Addons manager.
  • Uses a simple themes system, you can convert any HTML template to a theme very easily.
  • Efficient users/groups/permissions system with permissions caching to save Database queries.
  • Media/Files/Downloads Managers.
  • Easy content system include Articles/Categories/Tags managers, you can also manage pages and create menus and menu items.
  • SEO ready.
  • Events observer system to catch any events triggered by core events of extensions events, giving extensions developers more control over the system functionality.